Trope Trust Services is a specialized company with ample experience in providing trust services.

We are registered with the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (SUGEF) in Costa Rica, which allows us to serve as the fiduciary of administrative trusts and to receive funds from third parties, such as in the case of escrow accounts.

The company is composed of a group of legal, financial and trust advisors who are highly trained and experienced in assisting and creating different trust structures based on the specific needs of our customers, whether they are entrepreneurs, investors (national or foreign), real estate or business brokers, commission agents, solidarity associations, cooperatives, financial institutions, investment firms or companies from a variety of sectors or industries.

Our brand, “Trope,” is the combination of the words “trust” and “hope,” words that were specifically chosen to highlight the trust (bona fide) that must exist when administering and managing third party property. By selecting these two words, we intend to honor the trust placed in us by our customers and reaffirm our commitment to provide trust services that will become tools for achieving both personal and business goals and objectives.

To provide trust and advisory services to the business and investment sector characterized by specialization and customer service, ensuring our customers are able to leverage opportunities to achieve their goals, projects and business ventures.

Expertise. We provide advisory services on matters in which we have ample academic and professional experience, acquired from years of practicing in the sector.

Customer Service. We are at the disposal of our customers and work alongside them throughout the processes developed with our company.

Security. Our experience and professionalism enables us to endorse and protect our customers’ decisions, activities and projects.

Confidentiality. We protect the information and privacy of our customers, as well as their interests, needs and projects, as an essential part of trust secrecy, a characteristic of the industry.

Profitability. We are in the business of creating added value for our customers through efficient structures and low costs, which enable you to maximize the profitability of your business and project.

To be the leading, most profitable trust company in Central America on the basis of service excellence and customer satisfaction.